50th Street Youth Program
Since 1983
Your gift goes further in our all volunteer program.


Thank you for your interest in donating to our program. We are a 501c3 publicly funded non-profit organization and it is only through the generosity of people like yourself that we can keep our program going.

We have various ways of accepting donations.

  1. Cash App

    Cash App $50thStreetYouth


  2. PayPal
    You can click on the donate button below to make a donation through paypal.

  3. Direct by Mail

    You can donate directly to 50th Street Youth Program by mail.
    Please make your donation payable to 50th Street Youth Program.

    50th Street Youth Program
    P. O. Box 62455
    Los Angeles, Ca 90062
    (323) 545-9701

  4. United Way

    You can designate to 50th Street Youth Program by contacting your local United Way office representative directly or through your employer. Let the representative know that the charitable organization you would like to designate directly to is:

    50th Street Girl and Boy Scout Youth Program
    EIN: 95-4297544
    P. O. Box 62455
    Los Angeles, Ca 90062
    (323) 545-9701

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