50th Street Youth Program
Since 1983
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About Us

In 1983 a group of Parents became leaders of a Cub Scout and Boy Scout Pack and Troop. They strived at developing their youth to be the very best. The Pack and Troop became one of the District's elite units. They also played hard, exposing their youth to many amusement parks and activities such as swimming and snow trips.

In 1990 these parents recognized that there was a need for the sisters of the scouts to become involved in a similar organization. They asked the Leaders and Parents of a Girl Scout Troop to join them in working together to offer the siblings of each unit their resources.

The parents agreed and officially the 50th Street Girl and Boy Scout Youth Program (50th Street Youth Program) was born. For ten years the leaders utilized the resources from all the units. Their meetings and activities were held at the same time, except for when it was a unit specific activity.

Since 2000 the former leaders of the units, now Board Members of 50th Street Youth Program, have become mentors and a resource for other units.

With our experience in scouting since 1983, we are committed to do all we can to help the inner city youth of the South Central Los Angeles Area.

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